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About me. I've been involved in shooting and shooting sports since my Navy days. I qualified with a M1911 to earn a Navy Pistol Marksman Medal, and I've followed the profession of arms ever since. After I left the Navy in 1980, I became a Peace Officer in the State of Oklahoma, followed by both armed and unarmed security jobs around the country. I am currently the Range Officer and conduct qualification shoots for CCW applicants here in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. I TRY to get out to my range at least once a month. There is something satisfying about sending a few hundred rounds downrange. I find that sending three or four hundred rounds downrange and hitting the target from varying distances is a GREAT stress reliever. This is why I buy my ammo in bulk quantities, its cheaper that way ... :)


This is me at my late gun guy's store in LHC. Glen died in September 2007, so my new gun guy, John Ryan of http://www.ryansgunsmithing.com are taking over http://www.pimaarms.com to keep Glen's legacy alive. Visit John at either website listed above, since they both go to the same place.

RIP, Glen. Thanks for your friendship over the years.



On the following pages, I'll post pictures of some of the weapons I own, and targets I've shot with the various weapons.

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