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Hiya whoever you are. You found this page because you were sent the URL by someone in the Wright family, and you expressed an interest in seeing the pictures of Jacqueline Wright, daughter of Neil E. Wright.

And daughter, if you're looking at this page, I'm PROUD to finally know you!

To anyone wishing to meet my daughter, be advised:

I'm nasty, mean and ugly, and I own LOTS of guns! So your interest had better be honorable!


Many people have asked me for the story of how it came to be I found out in 2004 that I'm the proud father of a 32 year old daughter with five (actually, now it is SIX) children of her own. Here's the story:

Jackie's mom and I used to live together when I was stationed in the Philippines in the early 70's. Josie left me after I got drunk and stupid one night. In early '73, a few months after she left me, I was transfered to Long Beach. Jackie was born July 17, 1973. In '75 I was transfered to Japan. Between '75 and '80 I returned to the Philippines 2 or 3 times a year.

Josie and I had friends in common, and I saw them everytime I visited, and I asked Josie if she knew that I had returned several times. Josie told me that she saw me several times after I was transfered to Japan, but she made sure that I didn't see her, and she said she never told our common friends that I had a daughter, so until January 2nd, I never knew my daughter existed.

Apparently last year Jackie asked someone to try to find me. The person who searched for me found my bio and pics on the 'net and printed out the page. Josie finally confirmed that I was Jackie's father, and the person sent me an email.

Imagine my SURPRISE when I woke up the day after the start of the new year, and found out that I was a father. Then my further surprise when, a few days later, while I was talking to my daughter, I found out I was a grandfather ..... :)

My wicked past finally caught up with me. And, in this case, I'm glad it did!!

I'll be posting new pictures on this page as I receive them from my daughter. Thank you for your interest in Jacqueline Wright.

Neil E. Wright, proud father


Neil's note: I'll be posting the images here shortly. Please check back soon to see my daughter and grandchildren.


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